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Listing ID: 55456 VR Simulator Ride, 2-Seats

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VR Motion Simulator, 2-Seat NEW

Includes control computer console, and 3, VR headsets. We are US based and offer support. No maintenance, superior VR machines. DON’T BUY CHEAPER MODELS FROM CHINA!

Only 1 Left at This Price! NEW, 2-Seat, VR Ride Simulator. HUGE PROFITS!

We’re making room for 2019 Models, and have only 1, BRAND NEW, Testa VR2 in stock.

Regular Price $29,000

EARN BETWEEN $80,000 - $150,000 PER YEAR! ($7,000 - $13,000 PER MONTH)
Our Testa VR2 is BY FAR, the most advanced 2-seat VR Simulator in the world! Don’t accept imitations! Testa VR2™ has a small footprint, with big profits! Experience breathtaking, up-and-down motion and tilt, combined with virtual reality, interactive simulation, and powerful film and game, to create a supremely immersive experience that overloads your senses. Our 5D, VR Thrill Rides in not only a remarkable innovation that shatters the traditional way of entertainment, but also a profitable venture that yields big returns.
Testa VR2 by The 5th Dimension

• Free 360° Vision
• Interactive Cabin with Shooting and Scoring
• Nine, high quality graphics, 5D Movies, Amazing Virtual Reality Experiences
• VR Head Tracking Target
• Front/Back, Side-to-Side Platform Tilt
• 90-Day Warranty
• Free Training

Ride experience is similar to what you experience at Universal Studios, Orlando and Disney World!

Our VR Thrill Rides Are Perfect For:
• Malls
• Flea Markets
• Fairs
• Events (weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, etc.)
• Arcades
• Bowling Centers
• Amusement Centers
• Bars, Nightclubs
• And More!

The Biggest Difference From Us and Our China Competitors:
1. Free Support and Training
2. Key components such as lift actuators and servos are heavy duty, and top notch quality.
3. No hydraulics to oil, all electric actuators and servos.
4. The graphics and quality of our movies are much better.
5. Our equipment passes rigorous US safety inspections.
6. Our equipment has a longer life span, and the service needed is almost non-existent.
7. We're US based with full support

Purchase with cash, PayPal, Bank Wire, or credit card (credit card fees apply)
Call Steve Walker, for more information (303) 981-1456



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  • Manufacturer of equipment
  • Date of Manufacturer
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  • Size/footprint
  • Equipment condition
  • Warranty available
  • New
  • The 5th Dimension
  • 2017
  • 110v
  • 7' x 4'
  • Perfect
  • 3 mts

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