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Bungee Run Bungee Run

Great Condiiton NJ Approved Located In Staten Island

United States $1,200.00 USD    
Power Ball Power Ball

Very Good Condition Located In Staten Island

United States $400.00 USD    
Wild Rapids Water Slide Wild Rapids Water Slide

Great Condition NJ Approved Located In Staten Island

United States $1,200.00 USD    
All American Rush All American Rush

Great Condition USA Theme Located In staten Island

United States $1,200.00 USD    
Carnival Canopy / game booth Carnival Canopy / game booth

8' x 8' Carnival Game / food booth. The Carnival kit lightweight steel construction is engineered to ensure simple set-up where no tools are required. It is equipped with a premium polyester water repellent, fire resistant canopy fabric for durable protection and long lasting enjoyment. •Steel frame •500 denier polyester Carnival Top and (3) railskirts •Water repellent •Fire retardant Construction- Steel, polyester Weight- 61 Pounds Usage Assembly Required Canopy Color- Red, White Canopy Type- Pop-up Canopy Use- Backyard, Beaches / Picnic, Parties Rail skirt hard ware 48x4x2 12lbs Top and sides 11lbs 15x15x4 special price $599.00 - 1 booth. Regular price:$950.00 Excellent for party and carnival rental businesses. Includes: 3 - half side walls, 1 back wall, 3- rails, top and frame. Shipping available to most USA states. Call to order! SHIPPING AVAILABLE TO MOST US STATES!

United States $599.00 USD    
Extreme Rush Obstacle Course Extreme Rush Obstacle Course

Great Condition Located In Staten Island

United States $1,200.00 USD    
Bungee trampoline mobile Bungee trampoline mobile

www.eurojumper.pl DESIGN REVIEW included in the price We know how mobility is important so we have made a new product - bungee trampoline on a trailer. We know how complicated it is to find a good place that will be profitable for a long period of time. When You finally find it the competitions appear and the income is falling down... on the other hand travelling from place to place could be very expensive. Not any more ! Our trailers are small and could be pulled by nearly any car and with a normal drivers licence while competitions has a 7m long trailer which require special licence. Also the bungee is setted up directly from the trailer (even the trampolines) . Any other producer doesn't offer that. Each trailer has a EU HOMOLOGATION - registration of the trailer in Your country is very easy now ! Technical description: High: 2,54 Lenght: 4,27 Width: 2,43 The total weight is 998 kg. Dimensions when packed: 4,27m long, 2,54m high and 2,43 wide The trailer has a hand brake and an axle made by a well known company - AL-KO (TUV certificates). The trailer is easy to be registered in Your country (VIN) The whole trailer is totally coated with zing (even inside!) so rust is not a problem. Setting up by two workers takes less than an hour After assembling the trailer You get the full functional bungee trampoline system. The trampolines are 3,3 meter long and the high of the bungee is 6 meters. TRAMPOLINES with mat ALWAYS ON. The jumper can jump 7 meters high without any problem. Trampoline Beds: The trampoline beds consist of a galvanised steel frame (won’t rust like some cheaper materials and won’t puncture as is possible with inflatable trampolines) with the UV resistant spring mat being attached all the way round with elastics. Through much experience we and our customers have found the elastic system to be far preferable to the spring trampolines. Attaching and detaching the many springs from a trampoline is painstaking work which we deem unnecessary to endure as it is not the spring mat that jumpers rely on to gain height – it’s the bungee cords! The elastic attachments stay permanently fixed until it’s time to replace them – and therein lays another bonus with the elastic attachment system – the elastics last longer than springs! Therefore saving you time, money and effort! Around the galvanised steel frame is a padded cover to protect the jumpers’ feet. This is easily detachable if you want or can be easily folded away with the trampoline bed. The whole trampoline bed is permanently attached to the base unit (trailer), therefore ensuring that the trampoline does not “bounce away” from its spot when in use as we have found to be the case with some other models (including the inflatable trampolines). When packing away, the trampoline beds simply fold in half and then fold up to the trailer (reverse for unpacking). No dismantling/deflating or lifting heavy trampolines on and off a trailer! Base Unit/Trailer: The whole base unit/trailer is galvanised steel (inside and out) so you needn’t worry about it rusting. Four removable sections of checker-plate cover the base unit making it possible to walk on whilst concealing everything away neatly and safely inside. You also have the option to lock these checker-plate covers in place providing some security when closed for the night or in storage. Everything needed for the Bungee Trampolines packs on or in the trailer. Tower poles: The tower poles are in two halves and slot easily together to be secured to the base. The tower poles have now been given extra strength by additional sleeving inside. Winches: Our German winches are fully concealed inside the base unit, out of sight and out of reach of customers. They are now bigger, stronger and faster than before with a nylon rope that won’t become damaged or splintered the way a wire rope can when coiled slack around the winch drum. Bungee Cords: We supply new units with elastic bungee cords, which we find to provide a superior bungee experience in comparison to the tubular rubber ropes sometimes used in other models. The bungee cords are made in Germany with TUV certificated loops and give 300% expansion. *New for 2010* Larger swivels to attach to the bungee cords to help prevent twisting (occurs when jumpers do “flips”). This will assist in preserving the lifespan of your bungee cords and save you extra work. Included In The Price: The unit is supplied with all you need to facilitate the basic operation of the Bungee Trampolines: Four trampolines (1.7m X 3.0m), four sets of bungee ropes, four harnesses (one of each available size - S, M, L, XL), four winches. Extra harnesses and bungee ropes or spare winches can be purchased at an additional cost. Please contact us for the latest price and availability. Power supply (generator and distribution box), signage, lighting, decorations and barriers not supplied. Power Supply: A minimum of just 13amp power supply is required to run the bungee trampolines (only the winches need power). More power will be required if you wish to add lighting etc. to your unit. Electricity can be supplied in the form of either “town power” or a generator. The bungee trampolines are supplied with UK industry standard 16amp plugs and earthing rod. Towing: When packed and ready for the road, the trampoline trailer is conveniently small and neat and can be towed by most cars. This very light load weighs just 1050kg and its dimensions are: 4.7m (length) 2.4m (width) 2.5m (height). The trailer comes with AL-KO tow bar, hand brake and axles, a trusted and worldwide industry-leading manufacturer. AL-KO brakes and components hold the highest CSA ratings available in the industry. They’re excellent. Safety Certification: included in the price is the primary ADIPS testing and the Design Review. We will assist with all necessary steps. ADIPS tests are safety inspections which are carried out annually and are necessary to operate rides and attractions within the UK. For more information, visit the ADIPS website (Amusement Device Inspection Procedures Scheme). Operation: The trampolines should be operated by two people on normal/busy days to provide adequate Jumper supervision and to maintain good serving/rotation speed (one person to serve/fit harnesses and one person to supervise the Jumpers. We recommend that a five minute session per person is a good rule of thumb, but should be adjusted according to your slow or busy periods (approximately 3 minutes per session when very busy and perhaps 10 minutes during quiet periods to keep the attraction looking dynamic). During quiet periods, it is possible for one person to operate the trampoline alone. Structure with 4 trampolines (1,7 m width ; 3 m long ; 0,75 m high) 4 wiches made by Italian company (L'Europea -CE certificate) 4 harnesses with click fix system 4 sets of elastics (Atested) Following our customers’ suggestions we have used the elastics in stead of springs . It's because the elastics system can work five seasons while the springs only three. The legs of the trampoline have two-level regulation and You can set the bungee on any type of surface. When You buy the bungee You will get from us the technical calculations, user’s manual and technical approval. We will also give You a very detailed guide how to find the right place to set up the bungee device. FREE Training and 24/7 Customer Support: You will receive an operators’ manual which will give instructions on how to assemble the bungee trampoline, instructions, hints and tips for operation of the Bungee Trampoline. You will also receive FREE customer support over the telephone or via e-mail 24/7. WARRANTY : You get 24 months warranty for the device !! (except elastics and harnesses) www.eurojumper.pl

Poland GBP7,900.00 GBP  
Digital Retro PhotoBooth | Vintage Style Photo Booth | Solid Steel Digital Retro PhotoBooth | Vintage Style Photo Booth | Solid Steel

This is the Original Rental Photobooth. Also Perfect in A Location! TWO Photobooths Are For Sale. Very High Profit Margin. I've had a consistent SIX FIGURE annual income by renting these machines for the past several years. It's a part-time seasonal job with a much greater income than a full-time year-round job!! It also happens to be a very fun and meaningful job that provides people with much happiness, nostalgia, and memory-making. The photos are easily personalized for the event (or location) and they last forever. This is perfect for weddings, Sweet 16s, bar/bat mitzvahs, college or school events, corporate or promotional events, or anywhere there's people! I'm in my mid 40s and consider myself partially retired, because of this business. I also have all the advantages of a stay-at-home Dad! I do nothing else except rent these photobooths. If you book 100 events in a year you make about $100,000, book 200 in a year (I've done it) you make about $200,000. Very low overhead. You can pay for these two photobooths in just a few months! This is a rare opportunity to own an authentic, all steel, enclosed, vintage-style digital photobooth. It provides the exactl same experience as the iconic mid-century American photo booth, it just happens to be digital! In fact, it's the photobooth that started the comeback of the nostalgic photo booth add an event rental! It combines amazing photo quality and high-speed photo delivery with retro styling and solid steel construction. It's perfect as an event rental… you can easily make a TON of money with this machine because you'll have the highest quality, most authentic, and most stylish photobooth anywhere! It's always a people magnet wherever it's located and it sells itself when it's at events. One event always leads to a few more at least. The photobooth is on wheels so it's totally mobile... just roll it in and plug it in! Scaled to fit through a standard door frame. Also would be great in an amusement center, home or business setting, or as an interactive revenue-generating activity in a retail setting. No photography knowledge is necessary. The paper/ribbon is readily available from photo suppliers. PHOTOBOOTH FEATURES INCLUDE: *Finest photo quality on the market *Compact, durable all metal cabinet *Classy black crushed velvet side curtains *Classic blue background curtain *Adjustable caster wheels so it rolls smoothly *Small footprint with plenty of room inside *Internationally patented flash system *Interactive touchscreen with stylish graphics *Chemical-free processing *Easy to maintain *Copal dye-sublimation printer ~ super quality! *Ultrafast, ten second photo delivery time *Six poses in B&W or color *Fully automatic user experience with audio countdown for each pose *Passport and ID approved *Award winning photo clarity *Height-adjustable seat *Customizable touchscreen interface *High-quality custom fit cover made of moving blanket material

United States $16,000.00 USD    

This is a "Kid favorite" 58 foot long dual track obstacle course manufactured in the USA by Cutting Edge. The players enter on the left and right sides and fight their way through a series of obstacles where they criss-cross under the RAT & BIG CHEESE & and make their way back to the finish line. The kids love it. The kids go through a nearly closed in track which makes them happy and provides them the isolation from the surrounding activities. This unit is in excellent condition. It comes with 3 blowers and anchors. We bought this originally from Cutting Edge and have maintained it as carefully as it should have been. This is a large unit made up of 3 individual pieces that connect together to provide a magnificent obstacle course and a center piece of any event. Due to the cost of renting the RAT RACE, we did not over rent it or abuse it. Compared to the number of times that a $100 bounce house goes out, this was a pampered inflatable! Star Walk services a demanding clientel & competitive market in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and we have added seven new Large Obstacle Courses. It is time to retire our RAT RACE and several other units. We are also retiring and selling the following: PIRATE SHIP ********SOLD**** DOLPHIN SUPER SPLASH DOWN WATER SLIDE *********SOLD***** UNICORN BELLY BOUNCER ************SOLD****** TSUNAMI WAVE SLIDE 29' TEXAS TWISTER SLIDE*******************SOLD*********** TUGGER THE TIGER Our website is www.starwalkofdallas.com and my cell phone # is 214.213.8799. Offers will be considered. BUYERS SHOULD BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING NEW OR USED INFLATABLES---- OURS ARE MADE IN THE USA--- INFLATABLES MADE IN CHINA CAN BE A PROBLEM: My insurance company will NOT INSURE units manufactured in CHINA. CHINA DOES NOT HAVE TORT LAWS & if you are sued, YOU WILL BE ON THE HOOK FOR PAYING THE CLAIM WITHOUT THE BENEFIT OF THE MANUFACTURER'S "PRODUCT LIABILITY INSURANCE" That means that your insurance company may cover you even if you don't tell them where the inflatable came from, but they may drop you. WHEN YOU BUY, JUST ASK WHERE THE UNIT CAME FROM AND GET WRITTEN PROOF!!! PACKAGE PRICING FOR 3 OR MORE PURCHASES Call if you have any questions. David 214.340.6666 214.213.8799 cell

United States $6,900.00 USD    
bungee trampoline 4 in 1 mobile trailer NEW manufacturer POLAND bungee trampoline 4 in 1 mobile trailer NEW manufacturer POLAND

Mobile euro bungee – 4 stations Dimensions: length: 9 m width: 9 m height: 7 m Warranty: 12 months Additional information: 1) motordrives: 1000 W 250/500 kg 2) harnesses made in Poland, not Chinese; quick to fasten (metal clasps). They don’t fray. 3) aesthetic workmanship 4) Quickly assembled. 2 people need ca.: 30 min. 5) Adjustment of uneven surface. (40 cm) 7) Lighting of every station – constructed in such a way as not to disturb a jumper! 8) galvanized steel construction. 9) swivels on both sides of rubber cords.(16 pieces) 10) rubber cord FT 10 mm extensibility 300% ( 12 pieces per one station) 11) Made in accordance with all applicable standards. (every element has certificates) 12) Trailer adjusted to transport euro bungee with all eqipment (Driving License Category B) 13) Operation and Maintenance Manual If you are interested, we can send you more photos and videos.

Poland Euro's6,500.00 Euro's    
Inflatable climbing rock wall

29x29x29 inflatable rock climbing wall with a brand new 2hp blower

United States $4,000.00 USD    
Inflatable mechanical bull tents Inflatable mechanical bull tents

Our 20' Square inflatable tents are a perfect match for mechanical bull (and pigs!).... Great way to protect riders from sun and rain...Optional custom printing available... Call today 251-247-1169 for free quote.......Tents inflate in only 2 minutes! All tents have 14 ounce vinyl legs standard! All prices include blower, stakes and carry bag.

United States $2.20 USD    
inflatable spider tent inflatable spider tent

Custom inflatable tents in Dome or Square models.. We specialize in inflatable tents for tailgating, Alumni clubs, business and schools... Digitally printed logos can be added to any tent. Send your logo for FREE computer drawing... Visit our web site WWWSUNBELTINFLATABLETENTS.COM or call 251-247-1169 for more info. All prices include blower, stakes and carry bag! All tents have 14 ounce vinyl legs standard!!! We are the ONLY two time winner of the ESPN/Honda Generator National Tailgate Award! Our customers include Bass Pro, ESPN, Yahoo, LSU , FSU, U.S. Air Force, North Carolina State University and University of Alabama.... Delivery time is apx 18 working days.

United States $0.00 USD    
inflatable rehab tents inflatable rehab tents

Our REHAB tents are great for EMS, Fire Departments, Red Cross, CEMA, rescue squads and auto repair. All our portable shelters include inflation pump, stakes, storage bag, guide straps, HAVC inlets, windows and digital printing. All REHAB tents now include FREE vinyl floor! Our REHAB tents have 8′ sidewalls ! We have tents in constant air and sealed models. Call today for your free quote and drawing.

United States $0.00 USD    
Trackless Train System/Ride Trackless Train System/Ride

What i am selling is a Full Trackless Train System/Ride Has the engine alone with 6 Cars each car is a different color, the engine has 1,2,3,R for gears and is a strong running. easy to lock the cars together as well.

United States $4,000.00 USD    
Human Bowling Human Bowling

Full Steel caged ball with seat and 4 point harness, also has 6- 6' balling pins

United States $900.00 USD    
Used Rip Curl Slide Used Rip Curl Slide

This unit is manufactured by HEC. It is 32x13x17 and located in Phoenix, AZ. There is minor staining, but no mildew. For additional information contact Geoff Schutz at 502-228-4595 or email geoff@getzulu.com

United States $1,800.00 USD
Used Wild Rapids Slide Used Wild Rapids Slide

This unit is 32x10x18 and located in Phoenix, AZ. For additional information contact Geoff Schutz at 502-228-4595 or email geoff@getzulu.com

United States $1,800.00 USD

TUGGER THE TIGER'S JUNGLE is a fun inflatable for kids from 2 to 6 years old. Once they enter the tiger's mouth, there is 100 feet of fun and adventure. This is a colorful and exciting obstacle course full of hanging and climb over obstacles that will keep the 2 to 6 year olds involved. Tugger is perfect for party rentals or indoor facilities. The 25'x30' size is large enough to excite the kids and the weight is light enough to make delivery easy. It worked well for events that needed equipment for the youngest kids to augment the larger equipment that we took for the tweens and teens. By getting the little ones off of the larger equipment, safety was enhanced and throughput was improved. Two original blower are included. Condition is excellent, since players are not climbing on the inflatable material. Call David @ 214.213.8799 (cell)

United States $1,600.00 USD    
5 X 1 Bungee Trampoline 5 X 1 Bungee Trampoline

Sales price to be $ 14,000.0 plus packing and shipping. Here is what is included. 1. bungee trampoline structure consisting of: 1 @ central post 5. Winch Motors and switch controllers 5 @ Base poles (Blue) 5 @ Upper poles (Blue) 5 @ sustaining poles (Yellow) 5@ Ropes from motor to Harness ropes 5@ Harness Ropes 5 @ Harness (several sizes) 20 @ 10 lbs Bungees (Elastics) new from factory. 20 @ 20 lbs Bungees (Elastics) new from factory. 20 @ 40 lbs Bungees (Elastics) new from factory. Assorted hardware: swivels, carabiners, etc. Operating procedures manuals. 4 Banners 5@ trampolines About 6-7 feet in diameter. Everything in good working order except for the new Bungees, those are new from factory. Will throw in Fencing and other small items in a big tool chest. All approved and by code for the state of California as an amusement ride. You will have everything you need to start operations the moment you put it together.

United States $12,950.00 USD    

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