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New & used concession trailers & catering equipment for sale.

Buy or sell any type of concession trailers , food carts, pop corn machines etc with free ads and zero commission.

If you are looking for a great place to buy or sell concession trailers & catering equipment this is it. You can list any type of new or used concession trailers for sale for free and there is the is zero commission whether buying or selling. There are 100s of food trailers catering vans here to choose from you can use the search box or just browse down the list of concession equipment here.
We have lots of well know concession trailer manufacturers for sale here from brands like gold medal etc
Popular searches include - pop corn machines , hot dog stands , Cotton Candy Machines , Ice cream machines

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Concession trailers Concession trailers

New concession trailers made to order. Can be made any size with custom designs to suit your requirements. Cotton candy stand Pizza trailer Coffee trailer Hot dogs/burger stand. French fries Funnel cake Slush.

united kingdom $0.00 USD

Classifieds in ConcessionsTrailers / food



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20ft food trailer ready to go

20ft food trailer ready to go 16ft of it is closed in an the back 4ft is a back Porch with fryers in it an room for BBQ grill or what ever else. Has AC in it 4 sinks with holding tank, deep freezer, stand up refrigerator with freezer, hot box, concession window etc.. Asking 13k negotiable located in church Point la call or text me at 3372243486 for more info

United States $13,000.00 USD  
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Jordan $0.00 USD    
2007 Bar-b-Que Concession Trailer 2007 Bar-b-Que Concession Trailer

2007 concession trailer for sale with a custom built screened Bar -b Que grill with smoke pipes on each side of grill the grill can hold approximately 1 to 2 cases of meat very large grill which also has a window in the grill area. Comes with fridge, 4 compartment sink, hot water heater, 2 serving windows, a AC and lots of cabinets to store supplies and more All supplies will come with the trailer. Very nice trailer just needs new water tanks. Has clean Titles and Registration.

United States $8,400.00 USD  
2004 Mobile Food Concession Trailer

8 1/2 ft. wide x 21 ft. long from back corner to tip of tongue

United States $3,000.00 USD    

This matched set of eye-catching, oversized franks attracts customers and provides ample work and storage space. Constructed of sturdy steel frames; surrounded by weather-resistant fiberglass bodies; on wheels for mobility. Features include: all stainless-steel work surfaces, propane steel griddle/grill, four-bowl sink with water heater for on-site hookup, built-in umbrella stands, plenty of storage in undercarriage. Requires 6 ft. x 9 ft. trailer to transport (not included). Good condition; make / manufacturer: International Foods Cart Systems; model name / number: Patent No. D383-280; size / dimensions: 42 in. wide x 9 ft. length (each) $7500 (negotiable) Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

United States $7,500.00 USD  
Concession Traler Concession Traler

2007 Wells Cargo Consession Trailer We have a 2007 Wells Carge Consesison trailer for sale. This trailer is a 7 by 16 with the hitch. It has a 125 amp breaker box and 30 amp power inlet (outdide for electric hook up at events), 10 gal fresh water and 25 gal waste water tanks, 2.5 gal hot water heater, fire supression system, 2 fire extinguishers, lenolium flooring and a FULL 65 gal propane tank. There are 4 electric plugs two on each side of the trailer walls (inside), yellow flourescent bug lights all the way around the inside and outside (keeps bugs out during night time events), 3 compartment sink & hand washing sink all with their own faucets, NEW glass door fridge (fits 100+ soda cans), shelving units above and below counters, 2 serving windows, one with a fold out customer counter, 2 double fryolators, one 16in electric perfectly seasoned griddle, NEMCO spiral fry cutter with tornado potato blade, 3 anti fatigue floor mats, various changeable plexi glass exterior signs. All equipment encluded with the trailer is NSF approved. Other items encluded with the trailer upon sale: 1 additional smaller NSF fridge 25 ft 30 amp electric cord large mixer attachment for drill NSF Large spatula various fryer accessories/baskets 4 - 50lb bags of Poncho Dog corn dog batter mix Corn dog sticks 4 - cases Jade Mountain Tempura Batter (6 - 5lb bags in ea case) 6 - cases Sysco Fry Krisp Batter (6 -5lb bags in ea case) 1 case has 4 bags not 6 rest are full cases NSF Double food warmer NSF Double heat lamp food warmer 3- heat light bulbs for heat lamp food warmer 2 - 7lb FULL ketchup containers - unopened 1- - 7lb FULL mustard container - unopened 2 boxes hair nets Chlorene water test strips 4 cases of 3lb food trays - 500 per case 1 case 2lb food trays - 1000 per case 1/2 case 1/2lb food trays - 500 in box Almost full case of guest checks - only one packet used 2 cases 20oz foam cups - 500 per case Double lemonade/tea ect dispenser Syrup pumps NSF Blooming Onion Cutter Electric drill for spiral fry cutter Coffee stirr sticks Griddle Scraper 6" clip fan Sm 3 drawr plastic shelf Hippa Posters Spare trailer tire Broom & Dust Pan Small Garbage can Step Stool

United States $15,000.00 USD  
Food Trailer Doner KebabShawarmaGyro Food Trailer Doner KebabShawarmaGyro

1- Custom Retractable Awning for wind, sun and rain protection 1- Cash register 2 - Gas lines to front axle of trailer 1 - 25 Gallon Portable Utility (Water) Tank with Hose and Spray Nozzle 1 - Microwave 1 - Fridge with Top Freezer 1 - Chest Freezer 1 - Bar Stools 3 - Folding Tables 1 - Avantco Double 8" x 8" Grooved Top & Bottom Commercial Panini Sandwich Grill 120V 1 - Black Cambro BBR480110 4' Buffet Bar with Sneeze Guard 1 - Avantco W50 12" x 20" Electric Countertop Food Warmer 1- Assortment of Hotel Pans / Steam Tables incl. Lids 12" Stainless Steel Tangoon.

United States $2,800.00 USD  

"All A Cart" - Columbus Ohio built this 24' Concession Trailer - Only one in the world. Wall to wall including the tongue Diamond Plate Floor - Built in safe - Stainless Cabinets - Hood & Fan - All Beverage Air Coolers and Freezers - Four bowl sink - (Full bathroom with toilet - Hand Dryer - Stainless hand sink - light & fan ) - ice Cream freezer with all the pumps and condiment holders - Big grease Trap - Big Hot Water Tank - Three roof air conditions - Nice coke cooler with the coke bottle door handle - Three serving windows - Big entrance door with a screen door - Emergency Escape Hatch - Four corner frame leveling jacks on all corners - Three fuse boxes with all kind of 220 & 110 plugs - All kind of roof wind up vents - Way to much to list It's in Wheeling WV 26003 - Next to the Wheeling Island Casino - Might take a classic car plus cash on a trade - Don't try to beat me up on your trade price because I'm selling my trailer way less than what it is worth ! - $39,500.00 - Chuck 724-328-1578

United States $39,500.00 USD    
southern yankee bbq southern yankee bbq

southern yankee bbq has Cooking on a Southern Yankee BBQ smoker keeps the meat extra tasty and juicy because the juices from the meat on upper shelves drip onto meat on the lower trays as the shelves rotate.smoker holds 450 Lbs and is 6 foot trailer is 24 foot with log cabin

United States $19,000.00 USD    
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12' Sno Pro Concession Trailer 12' Sno Pro Concession Trailer

Southern Sno Trailer 6' x 12' with 2nd serving window and two awning doors Avantco food warmers FW-1200F Curtis Gemini System coffee maker 120A Curtis Gemini Satelites Curtis Gem-8 warmer Emberglo Food steamer George Forman grill Portable butane stoves T-Fal 9 fry pans Cans Chefmaster Butane 8oz Cambro RFS8 measuring container Cambro RFS6 Measuring container Concession popcorn maker 3 gallon spring water bottles Duke Manufacturing steam table WB303P M Propane gas bottles Buffalo GE049 hot dog rollers Fire extinguishers Snow cone syrup bottles and caps Sno wizard flavor bottle rack Cutting boards Sno wizard machine 2 cup measuring cup Winco Condiment Dispenser CDP-4 Royal 435dx cash register Coleman 100 qt cooler Masterbilt under counter refrigerator Sno wizard drip tray

United States $3,000.00 USD  
shantz and sons funnel cake concessions

16 ft shantz trailer comes with a 220 volt funnel cake fryer or. Gas funnel cake fryer whichever you prefer. under counter fridge cotton candy machine coffee maker 4 sinks new hot water heater. Coke fountain with bag in box hook ups. New diamond plate aluminum floor. Hood vent no ansul system. Hydraulics work great And will sit directly on the ground so that you are level with you customers. Has four corner signs as well with crate that holds them during transport. asking 25000.00 neg call or text 615-804-4636

United States $25,000.00 USD    

MOBILE SEAFOOD TRAILER FOR SALE $17000 18'x8' Tru-Tow Mobile Seafood Trailer for sale. This unit includes: Sevel hot/cold display case (this unit retails for over $12000) two freezer/refrigerators triple sink hand sink 6 gallon water heater 20 gallon fresh water tank 30 gallon grey water tank 10,000 watt Briggs and Stratton generator Fuse box AC/Heater Food-grade walls Outlets Lights Awning Clean Title Could also be used for ice cream or gelato.

United States $17,000.00 USD  
Concession Trailer 20 x 8.6 Concession Trailer 20 x 8.6

Best in Class Mobile Food Concession Trailer by Forrest River. It's Fifty's Style Diner appearance designed by Skin Wrapz of Dallas. Fully Self-Contained; modern commercial kitchen is capable of producing quality fresh food; perfect for any fast paced, high volume venues. Stand alone electrical power, Onan Super-quiet Generator under 7 decimals. Unit and equipment meets/or exceeds state and county health/safety codes. Phone or Text 940-231-3600

United States $38,500.00 USD  
Concession Trailer looks like a Log Cabin! Concession Trailer looks like a Log Cabin!

Comes fully equipped with everything needed to start working immediately. EU6500is generator powers everything. Extra electrical outlets. Air conditioner. Full size refrigerator, 3 compartment sink plus hand washing sink. 130 hot dog steamer, 3 compartment crock pot for chili or soups, two microwaves, iced condiment tray, coffee pot and so much more. Just passed health department with 100% rating. Serious medical issues have caused me to retire.

United States $15,000.00 USD    
12' Shantz 12' Shantz

12' Shantz. Opens all the way around, glassed in, small hood, drop down counters, bi-fold awnings, 4 ss sinks, water heater, refridgerated prep table, meat cooker, nacho machine, set up for walking tacos, burritos, quesadillas, ready to go to work. contact bill at 330 289 2555 or bbush1@gmail.com

United States $20,000.00 USD    
Concession Trailer 8.5'x14 Concession Trailer 8.5'x14

(2) 3,500 lb axles with brakes steel wheels with bias tires (2) 6' concession windows with glass and screens with flip up counters outside aluminum mill finish walls and ceiling atp metal flooring insulated walls and ceiling 100 amp electrical package 42'' vent hood cabinet and shelving package sink package with 30 gal. fresh, 50 gal. waste, 2.5 gal. water heater

United States $2,000.00 USD  

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8x16 Espresso/Smoothie/Coffee Trailer 8x16 Espresso/Smoothie/Coffee Trailer

2011 Custom built in California 8x16 espresso/coffee/smoothie trailer, original owner. This trailer is truly immaculate and like new. 10,000 watt Cummins/Onan RV Quiet generator is a powerhouse. This trailer has the HUD insignia that is required for concession operation in California. This trailer is ready for business; everything but the milk and coffee is included to get you started! Includes 2 Astra Gourmet single group espresso machines, Blend Tec 13 blender w/sound enclosure, Mazzer Super Jolly grinder, Bunn VPR APS coffee maker with three Air Pots so much more! SPECIFICS: 8 x 16 concession trailer 2- 5,000 lb axels, 5/16 ball mount Electric brakes DOT approved safety chains, DOT lighting White exterior, white interior walls 100 amp electrical panel Multiple interior outlets Diamond plate flooring coved up the wall 4” w/welded seams NSF 3 compartment corner sink W/2 drain boards NSF hand sink with splashguard Stainless steel cabinet face 40-gallon fresh water tank 60-gallon gray water tank 6-gallon hot water heater On demand water pump 3- 4’ double tube fluorescent lights Stabilizer jacks 2- Plexiglas windows w/serving openings 2- Side hinged concession doors 2 roof vents 13,300 BTU A/C with heat strip Stainless steel counters 36” door w/screen 2’x3’ escape door 10,000 watt Onan generator RV Quiet series- Diesel 15-gallon fuel tank with custom mount Cash drawer Water filter system for espresso machines In counter knock chute 2- Above counter cabinets – stainless steel 4- Under counter slot cup dispensers 1- Drop-in ice bin – holds 20 lbs of ice 2- Astra Gourmet single group espresso machines 110V 1- Mazzer Super Jolly grinder 1- Everest under counter fridge 1- Blend Tec 13 blender w/sound enclosure 1- Bunn VPR APS coffee maker with three Air Pots 1- Waring commercial four-slice toaster 2- Exterior swivel lights 3- Commercial rubber floor mats ABC fire extinguisher First Aid kit Soap dispenser Paper towel holder HUD insignia (California Certification) Includes: compostable cups, lids and sleeves, syrups, sauces, powders, smoothie mix, and all accessories required for drink preparation and business operation.

United States - $0.01 USD 13 w, 3 d    
Hot Dog Carts Hot Dog Carts

Motorized Hot Dog cart in different shapes and with a personalised design will make your sales higher and will attract even more buyers and fans of your products. It has a conveniently located cooling system for drinks which is combined with a modern technology that makes it easy to use. Be where your clients are. Within no time preparation at any location, event or a festival. More models to be found: http://ctr-fahrzeuge.com/trailer/hot-dog-carts/

germany - Euro's10,000.00 Euro's 8 w, 2 d    

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