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Rift Zone Laser Zone Indoor Laser Tag Rift Zone Laser Zone Indoor Laser Tag

Rift Zone System Laser Zone Indoor Laser Tag 32-Gun Zone laser tag system 32- vest and guns 32- chargers 3- transformers 1- computer and licensed software 2- bases 1 - score monitor 4- Fog Machines 1-Audio new batteries recently installed new Charger units recently installed Updated Software to Current

$12,995.00 USD
Electra Motor Sports Go Karts + Blacklight Track Electra Motor Sports Go Karts + Blacklight Track

Indoor BLACKLIGHT GRAN PRIX TRACK Electra Motor Sports Top Line Electric Cars 2- Double Unit Electric Gran Prix Cars 8-Junior Cars 25- Singles Electric Gran Prix Cars 40+ Charging Stations Multi Thousands in Black Light / Fixtures/ Energy Efficient Barriers Gating Tons of Extra Parts Railing Remotes Computers Remote Control Station Parts/ Obstacles/ Art Work 1/8 Mile Track 17,000 sg foot print

$75,000.00 USD
Build A Bear Workshop Build A Bear Workshop

Valuation of $500,000 Hand Crafted Custom Work 3- Electric Stuffing Machine 2- Picket Fence chair 2- Log Themed bins (16 compartments each) 1 Themed Cottage 1- Fluff Mountain and storage 1- Sound Module storage 4- Small merchandisers 1- Log merchandiser 1- Giant shoe footwear display 1- Mushroom birth certificate dispenser 1- Talking tree 2- Two Person Dressing tables 1- Giant Mushroom (approx. 12' x 14') POS station 2- Round birthday tables 1- Rectangle present/cake table 10- Stump stools 1- Log bench 7- Teddy bear head hot air balloons/baskets 4 -3 ft. cloud shelves 2- 6 ft. cloud shelves 400 to 600+ retail units up to $15-unit Outfit / Clothing for Upsell Packages Major Quantity of Accessories F/X & Facades

$24,995.00 USD
Underwater Ocean Custom Blacklight Mini Golf Underwater Ocean Custom Blacklight Mini Golf

“Underwater Ocean Blacklight Custom Blacklight Mini Golf “9- holes requires min of 2,000 sg ft. 2 – Signs Themed 5 - Anemone and Clownfish 2 - Barracuda 2 - Mines Nautical 1 - Shark 1 - Middle 1 - Sea Serpent 2 – Sea Horses 4 - Sea Turtles 1 - Giant Ship 4 - Anchors w/ skeleton hands 1 - Large anchor and skeleton 3 - Mermaids 1- Kraken head and claw 1- Poseidon 1- giant clam various coral, walls, dead trees, etc.

$18,995.00 USD
Soft Play MS1358 Soft Play MS1358

Soft Play, 3 levels 12' x 20' x 16' (h) Interactive play and slide Used indoors only! ******* PRICE SLASHED - NOW $7,500 + DISMANTLE + SHIPPING *******

$7,500.00 USD    
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$0.00 USD    

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