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used amusement rides and carnival rides for sale

New and used funfair carnival and amusement park rides for sale.

buy or sell any type of used fairground ride with a free ad and zero commission.

fairground rides for sale including fun slides, carousels, fun houses, ferris wheels, flat rides, waltzers, sizzlers, bumper cars and more! If you are looking for any type of ride you will find it here

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Wanted - We Are Looking For These Rides Wanted - We Are Looking For These Rides

We have customers looking for park and trailer model rides: Major and Family Rides, park model and trailer mount Roller Coasters Giant Wheels Spectacular Rides, trailer model If you have these or other rides for sale, please contact us!

United States $0.00 USD    
Zamperla Disk'O MJ1548 Zamperla Disk'O MJ1548

Zamperla Disk'O, trailer mount, 24 seats ******** PRICE REDUCED - $235,000.00 USD! ********

United States $265,000.00 USD    
Tubs of fun!

Commercial grade .mounted on tralier. 110 plug outlet.all ages and weights can ride .last registered in California 2006 .I do have all service and inspection records available.

United States $3,900.00 USD  
Convoy Kiddie Ride Convoy Kiddie Ride

Amusement Supply Co. is happy to list this Zamperla Convoy Kiddie Ride. It is in excellent condition and comes with 8 pieces of track. Located in VA.

United States $6,999.00 USD    
Tilt A Whirl MJ1550 Tilt A Whirl MJ1550

Tilt A Whirl, Sellner, 1969 Park model

United States $35,000.00 USD    
new 23 persons big pendulum (large frisbee) for sale new 23 persons big pendulum (large frisbee) for sale

Voltage: 380V Power: 80kw Service speed: 13m/s Total height:11.2m Service height: 15.3m Max swing angle: ±110° Swing radius: 9.9m size, height: customized available Factory price sale amusement park rides. more information please feel free to contact Email: go5ean@hotmail.com WhatsApp / Wechat : +86-18678205779 QQ: 1134255393

China $138,000.00 USD  
Chance Carousel, 36' CA1351 Chance Carousel, 36' CA1351

Chance Carousel, 36', 1990 Seats 38 adults or 46 children (30 horses, 2 chariots). Carousel is dismantled and in storage.

United States $125,000.00 USD    
Customers Looking For Rides ! Customers Looking For Rides !

Our customers are looking for the following rides: Round Up Ali Baba or similar Rockin Tug Eli #5 and Eli #16 Wheels Samba Balloon Coasters - Park or Portable Models If you have these or other rides for sale, please contact us: sales@intermarkridegroup.com

United States $0.00 USD    
KMG Fireball SP1377 KMG Fireball SP1377

KMG Fireball, 24 seats. Seats sandblasted and tested; NDT work completed. Dennys Electronics lighting package. EMAIL or CALL FOR PRICE

United States $0.00 USD    
Luv Bug KD1516 Luv Bug KD1516

Luv Bug, 1997, trailer mounted PRICE REDUCED - MAKE AN OFFER!

United States $34,000.00 USD    
Squadron (Planes) KD1461 Squadron (Planes) KD1461

Wisdom Squadron (Planes), 2000, trailer mounted

United States $80,000.00 USD    

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Philippines $100.00 USD  
VIV Mechanical Bull U1820 VIV Mechanical Bull U1820

Amusement Supply Company is happy to list this VIV Mechanical Bull. This Bull has a soft head and it is in excellent condition. All of the manual and Automatic Controls work just fine. This Bull is located in Prospect KY at the Amusement Supply Company warehouse. For more information on this Mechanical Bull contact Geoff Schutz at Amusement Supply Company at 502-228-4595 or email info@getzulu.com. To see more extreme attractions such as Rockwall, Zip Lines, Used FEC Equipment, Hippo Water Slides, PopNoggins, Stunt Jumps, Zero Shock Items, Trackless Trains, Inflatable Movie Screens, Bumper Cars, Spider Climbs, Euro Bungy, Bungee Trampolines, Blowers, Dunk Tanks, Soft Play Playgrounds, Photo Booths, Mechanical Bulls and Inflatable Games, check out www.getzulu.com

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United States $300.00 USD    
Wisdom Dragon Wagon - Kiddie Giant Swing

currently operating in an FEC. May be purchased individually. Dragon Wagon Coaster is trailer mounted however we have used in at this location as a permanent attraction for 6 years. The giant swing has been at the same location for 27 years. looks good and is also currently operating. Both rides were last inspected by the State of Florida Fair Rides Inspectors in August and are in good working order. Inpsection sheets are available to serious buyer. asking price listed $6000 each - however will entertain other offers or trade

United States $6,000.00 USD  
Giant ferris wheels Giant ferris wheels

New transportable and park model wheels with TUV 25 33 42 55 65 meter models available with open gondola or closed cabins full LED lighting. for more information please call or email. R P Attractions group uk email rpattractions@hotmail.com

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