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Size and shape: Oval 24m-28m. height- 10m. Colours: -/ outside- blue and red striped/ ; / inside- blue with white stars like sky/ Main masts - 2pcs, cylinder-shaped-lenght-10m, take to 4 pcs. 42pcs plates for the tent -3 m lenght and 6 pcs. plates- 3m. lenght to the main masts There ropes on the side, and the side walls are 3m. Circus tent - oval 24-28/10m 550sq.m. Tent /Entrance/- 8/10/5 80sq.m. Subsidiery Tent - 8/15/3 120sq.m. Descriptoin ;The Tents is a great centerpiece for any event. Uses include information, food and drink service centre, highly visible meeting place, shade covering, undercover kids play area. The Tents is also great for car dealers. It's clear span allows plenty of room to park the car of the month. Company logos can be interchanged on the tent for corporate branding. Also available for purchase in your corporate colours. Actual colours of tent are blue and red and it can only be setup on a grass.

Bulgaria - Euro's0.01 Euro's 1 w, 3 d