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Soccer Cage equipment

Three ABC soccer machines with light boxes, conveyor and netting. Great condition.

$12,000.00 USD    

SPORTSCAGE PORTABLE all aluminum BATTING CAGES with MASTERPITCH PITCHING MACHINES.     -4 Sportscage portable all aluminum batting cages    -5 Master Pitch pitching machines      -Cages have new hitting platforms built     -New netting needed.     -$20.000 OBO - cost over 90k NEW  Contact Troy 253-514-5692  All items are located in Yakima, Washington State   ALSO FOR SALE    FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER DESIGN PLANS (see eBay listing 282470811860)    -9000 sq ft Fun Center building    -2 Go-Kart Tracks    -18 Hole golf     -Batting cages + more    -over 50k invested $5000, obo  AND EVERTHING you need to start a GO KART Track plus more. Thirteen KartWorld(FLK) Go-Karts plus Kartrol 56 Remote System.  (complete list of equipment below)   Sale Price of $20, 000, obo   Consulting available: 30 yrs experience in FEC business. Included at no charge in full price offer.        GO KARTS INVENTORY:    7     Wildcats       4     Double Seaters    2     Super Bearcats    1     Spare Double    2     Spare Super Bearcats    1     Spare Wildcats play-parade kart    6     Spare Wildcat for rebuild or parts    6     Spare Wildcat bodies    -many extra parts and tires      KARTROL 56 PIT CONTROL:    2     Control Panels    2     Hand held units    1     Pit loop     13   Receivers and parts        ADDITIONAL ITEMS:   -Gasboy Portable    -Debit Machine    -Pepsi Machine     -Flintstone Candy Machine    -Tenant Track Sweeper 140    -Commercial Track Blower    -Security Systems & PA system    -All signs     -2 - 400 W Metal Halide Outdoor Lights    -Air Compressor    -6 Commercial Picnic Tables    -Stop Light    -LED "Open" sign    -Track Timer     -Cash box    -Tire Cutting Iron    -Oil Pump for Drum    -Helium Tank    -1 balloon fill regulator    -Promotional Material    -Plus many more items   

$20,000.00 USD    
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$0.00 USD    

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