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1226 MILLS TARGET PRACTICE Trade Stimulator 1226 MILLS TARGET PRACTICE Trade Stimulator

Mills Novelty Company working Trade Stimulator with lock and key. Works with pennies and dimes. Flip coins at the side targets and watch the penny drop down the pins into a winning spot or in the cash box. Great original condition. For more information on how this machine was used see end of this listing. Features: • Original front glass • Original wood front, all original pegs • Original aluminum plaque – triangle inside glass to right • Original door lock • Original keys, two with one key number engraved • Original “flip” mechanism on right side • Original white “win” stickers, bottom front white letters and numbers • Original paint (red, white, blue) highlights on win area – inside glass left top • Original coin return mechanism – coins landing in win area on top left can be popped out using turn handle on top of machine • Original coin jam mechanism – coins jammed at bottom of glass can be release using same turn mechanism used to pop out win coins from upper left • Original coin tray, still has original handle and all separators • Original wood back • Anchor holes on both sides to anchor to a table or counter • 11”x8”x18” Condition: I would rate it a 9.5 out of ten. Everything works - coin flip, coin return handle on top, door lock. For an 88 year old machine this is in GREAT shape. Flaws: Nothing unusual for an 88 year old machine. • Blue area has surface crack that does not effect play, does not run all the way down board and does not run all the way through board. When removed the board is still solid, heavy and sturdy. • It appears as if someone repaired the very bottom of two of the legs and some side areas at bottom. Very small areas. The repair job is very smooth but a brownish color (see photos) and easily painted. • Glass is ORIGINAL and 88 years old, so there are some scratches and the area hidden by the aluminum mounting may contain tiny chips not visible until the machine is taken apart. • The lock is ORIGINAL, and it sill works flawlessly, but to lock the front onto the machine you will need to press it in slightly while turning the key. That may have been part of the original design, I am not sure. • The very right ends of the red, white and blue win area (top left) are snapped off. They should be closer to a “C” design. History and Play: This is a trade stimulator that was used in retail outlets, bars and other areas as a way to draw more business. If a player wins they were paid “in trade” rather than cash since gambling was illegal. This particular machine would require the bartender or employee to pay “in trade” for winning payouts as follows: • Coins landing in “5” at top or bottom pays $.25 in trade • Coin landing in “2” at top or bottom pays $.10 • Coin landing in “1” at top or bottom pays $.05 • Coin landing in “G” at bottom pays gumball The player places a penny in the mechanism on the top right of the machine and hits the swinging arm to propel the coin. The coin would either land in a spot on the upper left or bounce to the bottom between pegs. If a player wins on the top left or wins at the bottom (other than a gumball) the coin would stop and not drop into the cash box. The employee would then verify a win, turn the top handle to release the coin into the cash box, and redeem the win. If the player wins a gumball the coins drops straight to the coin box. The cash box in divided into seven section so a quick look can determine how many winners there were in a night. Shipping: Free local pickup. $35 shipping within continental U.S.

United States - $699.00 USD 5 w, 3 d