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SPIRITUAL RATS FOR MONEY, MONEY SPELLS, AND SHORT BOYS +27737053600 1. Spiritual rats (Amagundwane) are the miracle rats that i sale to you and keep it in your house while you can command it to go in the nearest banks or shops to grab or duplicate for you cash and bring it in you in the place you want with out anyone to notice . . . 2. Money spells is the spell that i can cast by the power of my ancestors into your name and through one of the sounding rich person in your area and then it suck the money from that person and bring it to you without any body to notice it or lose his own.This helps you if you are born unfortunate or unlucky destitute to duplicate someone’s luck and given it to you so that you can also benefit to the sweetness of world’s abundant life. 3. Short boys: are the spiritual jinns (Gene) or ancestral spirits (invisible miracle spirits) which you can command through the password which be given to you after doing rituals by the spirits in your behalf and then go and duplicate money spiritually of some richest person in your area, or banks,shops from any place or any where. Yes some one may say this is wrong ways to have riches like that but according [to] the world how it is these days, life without money is like living in hello fire which burns you to death while you dont die but feeling endless pain. because whatever is this world can be easily attained by having money Call +27737053600

South Africa $0.00 USD    
Carnival Bell High Strikers

For Sale; Carnival amusement park striker games. Have a 17 foot striker that has an aluminum tower and 2 13 inch tire with a built in front hitch towable by any car hitch. There is a 10 foot striker very similar TO THE 17 FOOT STRIKER. The 10 ft striker is mounted on a steel frame and has 5 inch wheels. This 10 ft striker stacks on the 17 ft for towing purposes. There are 8 7 foot aluminum fences that can be used to surround the attractions. The 17ft is 5 yrs old, the 10 ft and the fence sections are 3 yrs old. Great money maker at all events taken to. Asking 3500 for all OBO. Call Call 9209403462 and ask for Dennis

United States $3,500.00 USD  

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