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adult and juinor hi strickers adult and juinor hi strickers

2 high strikers adult and junior both in exceptional condition only a few years old. also aluminum fencing for both priced to sell 43500

United States $3,500.00 USD    
Speed Pitch with Radar gun & Football Toss game

$2,300 or best offer!! Don't miss a great opportunity for your own business, all you need is the location and they will come. 1. Speed Pitch Game A fun, entertaining way to engage sports fans at your next special event or fundraiser. This speed pitch cage system is a highly profitable business opportunity for all sports. Professional sport franchises and youth athletic organizations have enjoyed success engaging sports fans by using our Speed Pitch game at their special events and stadiums. The portable cage is constructed of commercial grade quality galvanized steel frames for a lasting durability as well as a sport safety surround netting. Pitching cage is equipped with a (Stalker Pro-Radar Gun) and an LED display board for accurate speed measurements. Participants will want to test and rate their skills, providing an enjoyable atmosphere and great competition for serious athletes or those just trying to have a fun competition. Organizers can reward participants with prizes as part of a fundraiser or team event, or the cage system can simply be used for friendly competition. Either way, everyone comes out a winner! 2. FOOTBALL TOSS GAME Football Fans of all ages will love testing their skills at the Football Toss Interactive. A framework of aluminum tubing is draped with netting to create a boxed enclosure ten feet wide, fifteen feet long, and ten feet high. The enclosure prevents any balls from escaping. Participants throw the balls into the enclosure. Great for Fundraisers, Fan Participation, Skills Development, and Corporate Events. The competition is hot and emotions run high at the football Toss booth! Product Description: 2 full units Size(s): 15L x 10W x 10H Indoor: Yes Outdoor: Yes Items INCLUDES: #1 Stalker pro radar gun #1 Digital display #1 Display case for (radar gun & digital display) #2 Aluminum push button interlocking frames, 15L x 10W x 10H #2 Black nets, 15L x 10W x 10H # 2 9x9 heavy duty canvas backdrops #10 throwing Footballs #1 case of 16in. inflatable footballs(prizes) #1 bucket of baseballs

United States $2,300.00 USD  
Amusemont spiritual powerful magic ring +27784083428 USA Botswana

Magic Ring of wonders, Lost love spells to Get your ex back +27784083428 in in south africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, South Africa, Botswana,USA,Australia,Malaysia,johannesburg, zambia,USA,kenya,california, dallas,England,German,spain, Jamaica,St,Lucia,Brasil,Germany,Austria,Vancouver,Denmark,Hongkong,China,,pret oria,Durban,Australia,Zimbabwe,Wales,France,Harare,Cairo,philippines,china,Nor way,Sweden,Cameroon,Botswana,Namibia,Tanzania,Northern cape,Newyork,limpopo,london,venezuela,Chile,Sweden,Denmark,Rwanda,Oman,Qatar,D ubai,Poland,Lesotho,Canada,United Kingdom This Mystic Ring is very strong and powerful and can change the life of the wearer. This Ring is spiritually prepared and there are lots of rituals and ceremonies done on the ring and then it is prepared, Again this ring is very safe and will always give lots of success and happiness to the wearer. It has lots of positive energies in it so that it can destroy any type of Black Magic, Evil Eye, Negative Energy, Hex or Curse that is on you. If can destroy all your enemies and also punish them. Also on wearing the ring it will make your subconscious mind power very strong and powerful so that you will also have financial gains, your money problems will be over and also you will be successful in the fields of Lottery and Gambling. It will protect you from any type of unknown accidents and evil. Also this ring will make your love stars very strong and powerful so that you will attract opposite sex, and also will get any person you desire. This powerful ring will warn you in your dreams if any thing good or bad is going to happen so that you will always be safe and protected from unknown dangers coming to you. So in all you will have money, fame, love and every thing that you may desire. Again it is difficult to explain the wonders of this ring unless you will try your self. Call/whatsapp: +27784083428 Email: drlukwata@yahoo.com Web: www.drlukwaata.co.za Web: www.drlukwata.webs.com

united kingdom $500.00 USD    

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