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2 Eurobungy Bungee 1 in 1's with nice plexiglass fence for mall

This is 2 sepearte eurobungee trampolines with a 15X30ft plexiglass fence wrapped with cool logos.

United States $6,000.00 USD    
The Last Ride Coffin Simulator The Last Ride Coffin Simulator

Ever wonder what it would be like to be buried alive? "The Last Ride" A Personal, Solo, Extreme Experience involving all the senses. A Simulated ride to the grave in a wooden casket. In the Pitch Black lying on your back... You Hear the Sound... Feel the movement... and Smell the Roses, Dirt, and Decay! The gravediggers load you in a hot rod hearse, take a wild ride to the grave site, then they throw you in the hole, and shovel in the dirt until you hear nothing but silence... Then the bugs and creeps attack to a unnerving crescendo, and just when you think all is lost, the lid flies open to a well welcomed breath of fresh air and a "Welcome Back". Here is a link for the last ride video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHdsBb68xeI To see more extreme attractions such as Rockwall, Zip Lines, Used FEC Equipment, Hippo Water Slides, PopNoggins, Stunt Jumps, Zero Shock Items, Trackless Trains, Inflatable Movie Screens, Bumper Cars, Spider Climbs, Euro Bungy, Bungee Trampolines, Blowers, Dunk Tanks, Soft Play Playgrounds, Photo Booths, Mechanical Bulls and Inflatable Games, check out www.getzulu.com

United States $2,500.00 USD    

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