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Eli 16 Wheel WH1254 Eli 16 Wheel WH1254

Eli 16 Wheel, 1990, trailer mounted, available mid-August For more information on the Eli Wheel and other rides for sale, visit our website www.intermarkridegroup.com or contact sales@intermarkridegroup.com

United States $225,000.00 USD    
We Have Customers Looking For Wheels We Have Customers Looking For Wheels

We have customers looking for Ferris Wheels and ready to buy, prefer 25 mt or higher, portable If you have wheels or other amusement rides for sale, please contact us immediately!

United States $0.00 USD    
Eli #16 Ferris Wheel WH1261 Eli #16 Ferris Wheel WH1261

Eli #16 Ferris Wheel, park model, cable drive, turbo lights

United States $80,000.00 USD    
Sky Wheel WH1247 Sky Wheel WH1247

Sky Wheel, trailer mounted, 1967 - completely redone in 2010, sandblasted, repainted, gear boxes rebuilt, all lights work.

United States $145,000.00 USD    
Western Wheel WH1257 Western Wheel WH1257

Western Wheel, Zamperla, 24 seats, park model

United States $45,000.00 USD    
Mini Ferris Wheel (holds 8)

We have a 4 cart Ferris Wheel that holds up to 8 kids it runs perfect. If you have any questions email me. Thanks!

United States $2,500.00 USD  
Giant Wheel WH1244 Giant Wheel WH1244

Fabbri, 1991, 34.25 meters, TM, 24 Gondolas, 4 trailers. Excellent Condition Pictures available upon request

United States $800,000.00 USD    
Eli Eagle #16 WH1259 Eli Eagle #16 WH1259

Eli Eagle #16, trailer mounted, electric drive, 2001, Eli Bridge Co.

United States $225,000.00 USD    
Ferris Wheel WH1258 Ferris Wheel WH1258

Fun Wheel, Hi-Lite, 2006, trailer mounted, seats 15

United States $35,000.00 USD    
Wheel Wheel

Big whell for sale park model height of 31 meters. 18 cabs

Ukraine $400,000.00 USD    
WANTED ! Wheels WANTED ! Wheels

We have customers looking for trailer-mounted wheels - Chance Century Wheel, Eli 16, Giant Wheel and children's ferris wheels. If you have a wheel to sell please email us!

United States $0.00 USD    
Wheels & Towers Wanted Wheels & Towers Wanted

We have customers actively looking for wheels and towers. Please contact us if you are ready to sell !

United States $0.00 USD    

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