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BayTek Buzzy Buzzy Bee BayTek Buzzy Buzzy Bee

Buzzy Buzzy Bee by Bay Tek Games is an addictive game that is guaranteed to keep your guests buzzing for hours! Buzzy Buzzy Bee includes a net and countless buzzing balls that float around the inner game chamber. Players attempt to scoop the bees up into the honey pot before the timer expires. The more bees you capture, the more tickets you win! As a compact game, this can fit into pretty much any venue, maximizing the space you have for the best in profits. Bay Tek also produced an optional capsule box that could attach to the side, allowing operators to fill the box with personalized items bearing your company logo. Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $450.00 USD
Sega Afterburner Deluxe Sega Afterburner Deluxe

This powerful sequel to Afterburner 2 is built around Sega's dynamic Lindbergh TM hardware system and it features the top fighter planes of today's day and age, soaring through climates and skies of all types. The Brave Fangs Aero Team, part of the G.H.O.S.T. squadron from Sega's ever-popular Ghost SquadTM, has been instructed to shut down the rebels of the skies to end a potentially demolishing nuclear inferno. The Lindbergh TM system delivers photorealistic air combat animations and depth in this superb arcade machine. Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $1,595.00 USD
Rollin on 24's by Bob's Space Racers Rollin on 24's by Bob's Space Racers

Complete with adjustable ticket output, adjustable speed, a progressive bonus, and BSR's unique light and sound package this game is definitely more bling for your buck. Rolling on 24's cool and sleek race design makes it attractive not only to car and truck enthusiast but kids and adults of all age. The way to play is to drop the token as the rim spins. The goal is to time it right so it lands in one the ticket amount notches. So when it comes down to it... Are you going to be high rollin on 24's or not? Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $450.00 USD
Harley Davidson: King of the Road by Sega Harley Davidson: King of the Road by Sega

Compete Against the "KING" Riding your favorite motorcycle, join the race started by the mysterious main character, the "KING". Pass numerous rivals and reach the goal within the time limit. When all rounds are cleared and a certain amount of points are scored, the player obtains a battle certificate into the Final - Round Challenge. The game is won with a victory over the "KING". Multiple Motorcycle Styles to Choose From A motorcycle lineup that can be enjoyed by all players not limited to Harley fans from vintage to the latest models! Playing Various 70's Classic Rock Songs Rock tunes that are classics of the 70's such as "Highway Star" and various original BGM tunes created for the world to admire. Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $1,595.00 USD
Hittin' Hoops by Bob's Space Racers Hittin' Hoops by Bob's Space Racers

A fun new game with a small footprint! Hittin Hoops has an exciting graphics package, an adjustable speed and game time and is easy to play. Hit the button with the hammer to launch balls at the hoops. Hittin Hoops is great for all ages. Coin operated with ticket dispensing. Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $595.00 USD
Afterburner Super Deluxe by SEGA Afterburner Super Deluxe by SEGA

Afterburner Climax is the jet fuelled sequal to SEGA's 1980s hit afterburner. This Jet setting game features top fighter planes including from the modern ages. Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $1,895.00 USD
Hammer Froggy Hammer Froggy

Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $750.00 USD
Hammer Head by ICE Hammer Head by ICE

"Wacking" games are a way of life in redemption centers and it's a pretty good bet that they always will be -- so if you're going to whack something, why not whack a mean looking Shark the fantastic new Hammer Head game. An attractive piece and fun game, Hammerhead offers operators a game that's going to earn solidly for years to come -- at a very affordable price. Don't know how much more you could ask of a game, but if you do want more, this guy has been engineered to withstand just about anything short of a missile attack, is fully operator adjustable, and comes in a nice small footprint that makes it simple to place. Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $695.00 USD
Jumpin Fantasy by NAMCO Jumpin Fantasy by NAMCO

fter several years of stellar earnings on the market, Bandai Namco’s Jumpin’ Fantasy is considered by many as one of the hottest redemption titles of all time.The concept of the game is very simple: players jump over an LED jump rope. As players jump over the virtual jump rope, the letters of the word “Jackpot” begin to light up. As each letter lights up, the speed of the rope increases. When all of the letters are lit, the player wins the ticket jackpot! Before you know it, you’ll have gone through quite the workout – perhaps one of the most entertaining workouts you’ve ever done.

United States $1,195.00 USD
Surf's Up Coin Pusher Surf's Up Coin Pusher

Surf's Up Coin Pusher : Radical new 1 Player Coin Pusher. Programmable Pricing and Options. Adjustable ticket awards. Unique style coin drop. Attractive and very fun for all ages! Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $895.00 USD
Sonic Spinner Sonic Spinner

The Sonic Spinner arcade machine is a one player ticket redemption game from SEGA. The game play is simple, with the player simply pressing a button to stop the spinner with the aim of landing on a high ticket payout. There are three settings that affect the games payout percentage; the Coins-per-Credit setting, Prize Dial setting, and the Skill Level setting. The Coins-per-Credit setting determines the number of coins that have to be inserted before a single play is initiated. Sonic Spinner can be set from one to nine coins per single play, with the default setting one coin per play. Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $595.00 USD
Karoke Machine U1690

Karaoke Machine Amusement Supply Company is happy to list this self contained portable Karaoke Machine. This system comes complete with 5,000 songs already built in. This unit is a one of a kind unit and it will be perfect for you Big Event. This unit is located at the Amusement Supply Company Warehouse in Prospect KY. For more information on the Karaoke Machine contact Geoff Schutz at 502-228-4595 or email geoff@getzulu.com. To see more extreme attractions such as Rockwall, Zip Lines, Used FEC Equipment, Hippo Water Slides, PopNoggins, Stunt Jumps, Trackless Trains, Inflatable Movie Screens, Bumper Cars, Spider Climbs, Euro Bungy, Bungee Trampolines, Blowers, Dunk Tanks, Soft Play Playgrounds, Photo Booths, Mechanical Bulls and Inflatable Games, check out www.getzulu.com

United States $1,500.00 USD    
Silent Scope EX upright arcade game Silent Scope EX upright arcade game

This is was a Silent Scope II and was converted with a kit to make it a Silent Scope EX. It needs a RTC Chip Replacement on the motherboard.

United States $500.00 USD    
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Ticket Troopers by Bay Tek Ticket Troopers by Bay Tek

Ticket Troopers is a three-player, center of the room quick coin game with an exciting police theme. It challenges players to roll coins across the spinning playfield into the targets to win tickets. A bonus target gives skilled players a chance to win big ticket values. Ticket Troopers has it all, innovation, fun, and great game play. Triple your profits today! Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $495.00 USD
Street Hoops Basketball Street Hoops Basketball

Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $1,195.00 USD
Twisted: Nitro Stunt Racing by Global VR Twisted: Nitro Stunt Racing by Global VR

Twisted: Nitro Stunt Racing is a PC-to-arcade port that brings wild stunt racing to the arcade! In Twisted, the game has a strong focus on catching air off of jumps and driving along harrowing loop-de-loops in high-powered F-Jet racing cars. The game takes into account aerial handling as well as physics from collisions so you’ll have to take care on each jump as the tracks are populated with rival vehicles. Use your unlimited, user activated boost system at the right moment to catch that air and come out the victor! There are four vehicles to choose from across 5 tracks. The tracks are separated into three categories: Aerobatics; Jump and Supercross. With huge ramps, enormous loop-de-loops and Contact: Rob @ 714-329-1373

United States $1,895.00 USD

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