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Looking For Kiddie, Major and Spectacular Rides Looking For Kiddie, Major and Spectacular Rides

We are looking for Kiddie, Major and Spectacular Rides - Park Model or Trailer Mounted If you have rides available for sale, please contact us

United States $0.00 USD -
Eli #5 Ferris Wheel WH1268 Eli #5 Ferris Wheel WH1268

Eli #5 Ferris Wheel, ground mount, refurbished. Email for more information!

United States $75,000.00 USD -
Hello Kitty Hello Kitty

Brand New Hello Kitty Happy Car!! Manufacturer : Cogan Kiddie Rides Italy ( licensed producter of Hello Kitty coin operated kiddIe ride) Year: 2010 Dimensions: Height 3ft 11.24 in Width 2ft 4.74in Length 4ft 5.14in Weight 176lbs 5.91 oz Call for price!

United States $0.00 USD -
Fire Chief MJ1476 Fire Chief MJ1476

Fire Chief, Zamperla, 2002, trailer mounted

United States $95,000.00 USD -
Looking For Rides Looking For Rides

Have rides for sale? Contact us with details! Customers are looking for: Eli Scrambler Family rides - trailer mount or park model Wheels - Eli #16 rim drive Towers Coasters - Park Model and Trailer-Mounted Kid Rides

United States $0.00 USD -
Duce Bumper Cars BC1350 Duce Bumper Cars BC1350

Duce Bumper Cars, 1994, 10 cars, 50' x 40' electric floor.

United States $45,000.00 USD -
Traffic Jam MJ1629 Traffic Jam MJ1629

SBF Traffic Jam Family Ride, 2006, trailer mount

United States $120,000.00 USD -
Spring Ride MJ1627 Spring Ride MJ1627

Moser Spring Ride, 2006, park model Upgraded shoulder harnesses, free standing base.

United States $100,000.00 USD -
Himalaya MJ1638 Himalaya MJ1638

Wisdom Himalaya, 1-trailer

United States $300,000.00 USD -
Cliff Hanger MJ1635 Cliff Hanger MJ1635

Dartron Cliff Hanger, trailer model New LEDs, new canvas

United States $250,000.00 USD -
Zamperla Disk'O MJ1548 Zamperla Disk'O MJ1548

Zamperla Disk'O, trailer mount, 24 seats PRICE REDUCED - $265,000.00 USD!

United States $285,000.00 USD -
Wanted - We Are Looking For These Rides Wanted - We Are Looking For These Rides

We have customers looking for park and trailer model rides: Family Himalaya Roller Coasters Giant Wheels Ali Baba or similar If you have these or other rides for sale, please contact us!

United States $0.00 USD -
Red Baron KD1491 Red Baron KD1491

Zamprla Red Baron, TM

United States $35,000.00 USD -
Mini Himalaya KD1495 Mini Himalaya KD1495

Mini Himalaya, Venture

United States $32,000.00 USD -
Castle Mania KD1493 Castle Mania KD1493

Childress Castle Mania, 1993

United States $25,000.00 USD -
Tilt A Whirl MJ1550 Tilt A Whirl MJ1550

Tilt A Whirl, Sellner, 1969 Park model

United States $35,000.00 USD -
Soft Play MS1358 Soft Play MS1358

Soft Play, 3 levels 12' x 20' x 16' (h) Interactive play and slide Used indoors only! ******* PRICE SLASHED - NOW $7,500 + DISMANTLE + SHIPPING *******

United States $7,500.00 USD -
Spin Out SP1359 Spin Out SP1359

Spin Out, Tivoli, 1999, trailer model COMPLETELY OVERHAULED IN 2014! New main bearing, new arm bearing

United States $310,000.00 USD -
Wipeout MJ1602 Wipeout MJ1602

Chance Wipeout, 1991, trailer model

United States $180,000.00 USD -
Squadron (Planes) KD1461 Squadron (Planes) KD1461

Wisdom Squadron (Planes), 2000, trailer mounted

United States $80,000.00 USD -