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Photo Title
country Price Time Left
Glass House DH1256 Glass House DH1256

Glass House, trailer mounted, manufactured by Zachinni

United States $28,000.00 USD -
Mega Drop 40 SP1274 Mega Drop 40 SP1274

Mega Drop 40, Fabbri, 40 mt, TM, 12 seats

United States Euro's650,000.00 Euro's -
Slide MJ1370 Slide MJ1370

Slide, Dartron, 1996, Trailer Mounted, Hydraulic, LED lights OFF THE MARKET

United States $58,000.00 USD -
Spring Ride, 11 mt. MJ1416 Spring Ride, 11 mt. MJ1416

Spring Ride 11 meter, 2006, Moser Used indoors, original owner, 10 seats, new cable in July, 2013, new cylinder 2014, free standing base

United States $85,000.00 USD -
Bella Tori Train T1333 Bella Tori Train T1333

Bella Tori Trackless Train, 2010, True American Classics Sound system, new controller and batteries, Aug., 2013. New tires on locomotive 2013.

United States $32,000.00 USD -
Mexican Fiesta Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta, Moser's Rides NEW with warranty, ex works Italy Park Model, 12 seats, custom themes available

United States Euro's260,000.00 Euro's -
Dragon Wagon RC1289 Dragon Wagon RC1289

Repainted, passed inspection.

United States $95,000.00 USD -
Dizzy Dragon KD1431 Dizzy Dragon KD1431

Dizzy Dragon, 2000, ground mount with trailer

United States $47,000.00 USD -
Zipper MJ1465 Zipper MJ1465

Zipper, Chance, 1982, center kit, all bulletins

United States $90,000.00 USD -
Red Baron KD1429 Red Baron KD1429

Red Baron, operator controls up and down action

United States $25,000.00 USD -
Allen Herschell Carousel CA1303 Allen Herschell Carousel CA1303

Allen Herschell Carousel, 1948, ground mount, Bradley & Kaye horses, completely redone in 2012

United States $85,000.00 USD -
Spider MJ1467 Spider MJ1467

Spider, Eyerly, 1974, factory trailer

United States $75,000.00 USD -
Super Jet Coaster RC1338 Super Jet Coaster RC1338

Super Jet, Wisdom, fair condition, trailer mounted

United States $38,000.00 USD -
Rope Course MJ1468 Rope Course MJ1468

Rope Course, 19 elements, Rock wall with auto belays, 42'9" x 50'6" x 46'10" height, includes zipline, harnesses

United States $329,500.00 USD -
Tornado MJ1466 Tornado MJ1466

Tornado, 2008, Fajume, trailer mounted

United States $175,000.00 USD -
Bumper Cars BC1311 Bumper Cars BC1311

Bumper Cars, Fun Attractions, Inc., 35'x35' inflatable track area, 6 cars, battery operated, racked in 12' trailer.

United States $23,500.00 USD -
Spider, TM Model Spider, TM Model

Manufactured by Eyerly in 1969. Currently in storage. MJ1110 Price: $55,000

United States $55,000.00 USD -
Mason Waterslides- NEW !! Mason Waterslides- NEW !!

Priced from $15K USD to $120K USD.

United States $0.00 USD -
Sedona Trackless Train- NEW !!! Sedona Trackless Train- NEW !!!

Under $250K USD. Licensed as a Tram under DOT. Street Legal Vehicle. 30" traction and power wheel (10-ply tires). Steel constructed frame. Max speed 20 MPH. Choice of Diesel, Gasoline, CNG or Propane. Locomotive & Tender Height: 7'4"" (2234mm) Length: 26' (7925mm) Width: 5' (1524mm) Coach height: 6'8" (2030mm) Length: 19'9" (6020mm) Width: 5' (1524mm) Caboose height: 7'6" (2286mm) Length: 16' (4876mm) Width: 5' (1524mm)

United States $0.00 USD -
Kreepy Kastle DH1252 Kreepy Kastle DH1252

Kreepy Kastle, 1984 Funni Frite, on 28' pup trailer. 60' open.

United States $55,000.00 USD -