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The Original Zippypets-Big Money makers-Easy and profitable The Original Zippypets-Big Money makers-Easy and profitable

These are the Original Zippypets.Zippypets are a great fun business that start making you money their first day of operation. They are a great business in the Malls,attending Fairs and Festivals ,Birthday Party Rentals,Grand openings,etc. The Zippypets can operate with one rider,2 riders, or if children are too small to operate themselves Mommy,Daddy,Grandma,or any older sibling,can give them a ride on our Zippypets.We have had Mommies and Daddies give babies as young as 3 months,a ride on the Zippypets. The Zippypets have timers with remotes,and counters too.If you have employees,you can know how many rides were given that day,so as to keep things honest. The Zippypets have 2 20ah batteries.They have led lights on all their legs and head,and their front wheels light up too.They are beautiful in a dimmed lighting,or when used at night.They are equipped with a foot button,for safety,if they need to slow down or stop,the rider lets off button,and they stop immediately.Very safe.They play many childhood classic songs as they are being ridden. I have many customers who operate in Malls and attend Fairs and Festivals,with them.They are a great birthday party rental,as most everyone at the party can ride them. Zippypets are normally priced at $1095.00,but my Zippypets are on sale thru Dec for $995.00,no limit on Quantity purchase,but if you do purchase more than 6,you will receive an additional discount. Please call me for additional info and pictures.Shari 530 742 8793 You can visit my website at www.funzippypets.com Because I cannot control how you operate your Zippypets,motor is the only warranty given-6 months

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